The process of designing and making an instrument is as exciting as it is intricate and time-consuming. But considering the resulting quality, I truly believe in the relevance of craftsmanship.

This quality is particularly sought after by connoisseurs, amateurs as well as professionals, making my production capacity quite small considering this growing market. Moreover, as a part-time teacher at the National School of Luthiery (Qc, Canada), I spend less time in the workshop. Hence, the current waiting time upon which I start building your instrument is 18 months.

When completed, your instrument will sit in my "curing room" for a couple of weeks, letting the newly added tension make its magic. It will then be prepared for delivery, after a final setup.

Any instrument can be either picked up or packed for shipping. I am ready to work with any delivery service you may contact, and follow any packing instructions needed, would you choose this method.

I truly hope that my work will please you, should it be in front of an audience or in intimacy, in the great times of your life as in everyday little moments.

Gautier Gueguen